Christmas Card {Photo}

Part of the {joy} of the Christmas season is Christmas cards!

I love receiving Christmas cards! Starting the first week of December, I rush to the mailbox everyday eager to open the green and red envelopes…. to see photos of my family and friends… to read their Christmas letters recapping the year’s events…. to know that my family is a little part of their holiday season.

I love sending Christmas cards too! Planning the holiday family photo is one of my favorite things….shopping for & coordinating outfits for the 5 of us and scouting out locations. The only part that I don’t like…. trying to get everyone ready the day of the photo session. Mostly because I worry way too much about every little detail….are the clothes too wrinkly? is Harper’s headband on correctly? did I remember to put on both earrings? will all 5 of us smile at the same time? Etc etc etc.  But when I address all of the envelopes to my loved ones, it all seems worth it.

Here is a sneak peek of the family photo that we’ll be using for our 2011 Christmas Card:The photo was taken by Kazoo Photography on the property of Zac’s family’s business, Prochaska Farm and Greenhouses. I was thrilled with the location! And I was pleasantly surprised with the weather. It had been forecasted to rain, but ended up being an unseasonably warm and sunny day in late October. Despite the fact that Harper was fussy, Dylan had teenage attitude, Lincoln peed his pants and I was stressed out worrying about every little detail… I think everything turned out pretty good. I love this photo! (and I think Jess the photographer is pretty awesome too!)


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  1. Sharon Fair

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture and all of you!!

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