Bow {Wreath}

The activity on our Advent Calendar simply read…. Make a Christmas craft.

At the time that I created the list of activities for our Advent Calendar, I had no idea what craft I would do with our 2 little kids. I needed a craft that was simple enough for both Harper (21 months old) and Lincoln (almost 4 yrs old) to create, but also fun and inexpensive. After searching Pinterest (my favorite place for ideas & inspiration), I found the perfect craft for toddlers and preschoolers…. Bow Wreaths!

What You Need:

  • paper plate
  • gift wrap bows
  • scissors
  • tape
  • ribbon

What To Do:

First, cut out the middle of a paper plate creating a wreath shape. Next, have your child stick bows to the paper plate. Some of our bows did not stick well so I added a loop of masking tape to the back. Finally, use ribbon to hang the wreath.

Lincoln’s bow wreath 

Harper’s bow wreath

My kids really enjoyed choosing their own bows, sticking them to the plate, and seeing their finished project hanging on the kitchen cabinets. His voice filled with excitement, Lincoln said, “They are SO pretty!”


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