{delicious} mail

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved getting mail. My grandma wrote me a letter about once a week.  I always looked forward to reading them. Not that she did anything particularly eventful or amazing, but it made me feel closer to her just knowing what little things she did in her daily life.  

To this day, I still run to the mailbox every day just to see what’s inside. Usually its just a stack of bills, junk mail, catalogs, and magazines with an occassional greeting card. But today was different. A small box was waiting for me.

Inside the box was my FREE 12-count box of Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider K-Cups and a $3 Off coupon for a future purchase. Woo Hoo!! Even though its approximately 80 degrees outside, I’m enjoying a delicious cup of hot apple cider. I love my Keurig single cup brewer. (but not nearly as much as I loved those letters from my grandma)


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