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Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the big game… Super Bowl XLVII. 49ers v Ravens. Coach Harbaugh v Coach Harbaugh. Do I care who wins the game? I don’t. I’m all about the commercials! Honestly, I have no idea what “first and 10” means and couldn’t spot a bad call by a referee if you paid me. Funny…my husband just read what I was typing and went into a long explanation of “first and 10” and “first down”. But all I heard was the teacher from Peanuts… wha-wah-wha-wah.

Anyway…back to my point….

I look forward to the Super Bowl every year. I love the commercials. I can’t wait to see what the clever folks in advertising came up with this year. Will they top my favorite from last year?

As for the Harbaugh brothers facing each other, pretty interesting. However, I doubt the actual sibling dynamic will be as interesting as the family drama on RHONJ 😉

And the half-time show probably won’t be as entertaining or controversial as Janet’s infamous wardrobe malfunction of 2004. (still love her – if she meant to flash the world or not) The worst thing Beyonce might do…lip sync. Even so, she’ll most likely put on a way better show than The Who, who were clearly performing way past their expiration date.

* * * * *

Why are you watching the big game?

49ers? Ravens? Diehard football fan?

Commercials? Half-time show?


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